Frequently Asked Questions

A blog or Web log is actually a web site with frequently updated content, written by one or more individuals in their voice. Most blogs cover personal issues, but more often these days they cover topics such as politics and economics.

Someone who writes a blog.

A link provided for each blog entry that will never change. Bloggers link to each others permalinks to show others the interesting entries they've found. If you don't have your own blog, it's also perfect for e-mailing to friends, or bookmarking.

Readers respond to the blog writer, or to others who have commented on a particular topic. Their response is a comment.

You can have updated content delivered to you as news feed by using a RSS reader. RSS is an acronym for "Really Simple Syndication" or "Rich Site Summary." Web sites summarize their content and make it available to RSS readers when it is posted to a site.

With an RSS reader or aggregator, you subscribe to the RSS feeds for the sites you would normally surf to on the Web and read. When the sites have new content, your reader gets the corresponding postings also. RSS makes Web reading more efficient as postings from multiple sites can be read through a single application, and there is no need to surf the Web to check the sites one at a time for updated content.

Readers usually include a built-in list of sites. You can find more news feeds by visiting:

  • RSS compendium: RSS directories
  • NewsIsFree