Blog Feature

Rushel Miller, aka Rush, blogs about her daily life and everything else. “If I find something beautiful I just might post it there, if I find something noteworthy, I just might write about that too,” says the self-described blogger, web designer, woman, Jamaican. Her entries run the gamut: from music to get her through a hectic day and a videoed poetry reading by Radha Ruiz to the spectacular photography of Lee Price depicting women’s issues with food and a provocative essay on the aptness of political correctness.

My Elite Grocer (Meg for short) is an innovative Foodie’s blog, with a twist. It’s not promoting the where and what of delectable dining; this blog promotes a service that delivers your groceries and gifts straight to your door. Founder Gale Peart has parlayed a career in the 5-Star hospitality industry into a pioneering local grocery concierge service.

Meg is for individuals who are too busy, too forgetful, or plain can’t be bothered to get bogged down with the mundane task of shopping. So if you won’t or can’t, then Meg will do your shopping for you.

What do you get when you combine a love affair with writing with a passion for food? The interesting and witty food blog - Jamaican Food Savvy. Tanya Lambert is a Dietician/Nutritionist who blogs about healthy eating habits and nutrition, with a Jamaican flair. Being food savvy requires that you know about the basics of nutrition. Tanya keeps us well informed with entries like Multivitamins: expensive urine, which looks at the false claims of makers of nutritional supplements, and the benefits of Good ol’ homecooking.

John aka Reggaexx shares his passion for Jamaican music through his clever blog, Distinctly Jamaican Sounds. His stellar collection covers every genre of Jamaican music from ska to dancehall and everything in between and is presented in innovative themed mixes to download for your listening pleasure. Reggaexx’s night shift inspired mix includes Lee ‘Scratch’ Perry’s Night Train, Bob Marley & The Wailers’ Night Shift, and The Heptones’ Every Day Every Night, among other popular rhythms.

My Jamaican Family is a beautifully written and illustrated blog by Jamaican-Canadian Dorothy Kew. After many years of working in a large urban public library, Kew has turned her passion to genealogical research.

In 2006, Walt Goodridge turned his back on the New York rat race and his career as a civil engineer to follow his passion. He ended up on the Pacific island of Saipan, China. Today, the self-described “minimalist, vegan, Jamaican nomadpreneur” is a self- published author of 20 books, several blogs, and is the founder of the website. “Jamaican in China” allows you to share Walt’s reinvented life, his adventures in Saipan and travels to other Asian cities.

Stunner captures the essence of Jamaica with his random musings and amazing images. He blogs about anything that grabs his attention, from the misguided doomsday prophet Harold Camping to the delights of Chill Out’s vegetable pizza to the sensual pleasures of Jamaica Carnival. This photo enthusiast enriches his entries with breath-taking photographs that give the blog space a refreshing look and feel. You will not be bored with any of the topics tackled in Stunner’s Afflictions. We invite you to enjoy the exhilarating adventure.

Marsha may be an occasional blogger but Jamaican Beauty Blog provides a wealth of must-read information about all that is good in Jamaica. She offers useful links to everything from articles on the health benefits of common culinary herbs and spices to videos highlighting excursions to popular attractions like Dolphin Cove and Faith’s Pen. There are also worthy of note entries on fashion and being fabulous in Jamaica, including exotic local jewelry and footwear. The blog’s fascinating collection of entries about our captivating island will appeal to both men and women.