Blog Feature

EJ is a newly constructed online business that is based in Geneva Switzerland. This website company is designed to be Switzerland’s online gateway to Jamaica’s vibrant culture, as well as the country’s authentic goods and services. EJ offers Swiss and European consumers a reliable source of information, direct access to Jamaican fine art and a platform for purchasing from Jamaican companies. This unique website brings Jamaica’s best to Switzerland and Europe. serves up a hearty helping of local and international fare, with a Jamaican twist. Readers are kept in the know with an engaging mix of news, from US cooperation to curb the lottery scam to the death of Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez to Rapper French Montana and Nicki Minaj sampling Sly and Robbie’s “Murder She Wrote” rhythm. Vibrant commentary on pertinent issues of the day adds to’s relevance. In addition, the blog highlights our distinctive culture through fascinating short stories and poetry.

Fashion and lifestyle enthusiast Jomarie Malcolm keeps her style savvy followers in the know with her creative spin on local fashion, entertainment and cuisine. Lace & Zippers serves up an interesting balance of fun and informative pieces to expose the many and varied layers of Jamaican culture.

Enjoy these witty blogs that are spotlighting our distinctive lifestyle through an interesting mix of features, images and video.

Our history echoes around us. It’s in everything we say and do. In the wonderfully informative Jamaican Echoes, blogger Kerry-Ann Morris takes us on a truly fascinating historical journey. A proud Jamaican “wid a whole heap a passion” for her nation’s history, Morris shares this zeal one blog at a time. She delves into the little know facets of our history and unearths the better known pieces of our past.

Jamaica My Way is a refreshing and unconventional take on everything and anything Jamaican, through the eyes of a Kristi – a Canadian experiencing the country like a local. It’s about Jamaica off the beaten track, not the usual visitor attractions. Through her blog and video entries, Kristi allows you to experience our people, our culture, our hidden treasures and the simple pleasures of local life. Whether she is writing about sunsets and street watching from her friend’s house in Steertown, taking a ride on a “Crotch Rocket” on the St.

Active Voice is Annie Paul’s world without editors. The Jamaica-based Indian used to write for a local newspaper but gave it up when they changed the word ‘Bollywood’ to Hollywood in her last piece. Her unbridled blog entries are balanced and thoughtful commentaries on issues affecting Jamaica and its larger backdrop.

We’re all familiar with the JN-sponsored television programme “Greetings Across The World”; the Christmas staple of expat Jamaicans parading across the screen sending greetings to family and friends back home. Well this is the GATW blog, which features updates, photos, exclusive video and other content about the hugely popular programme. It also includes a Video Bar with assorted clips as well as whimsical posts like “The DoppleGanger Edition” – look-a-likes all over the world and the very funny “Top 10 Excuses for NOT sending Greetings”. #1 will really crack you up.

Trini-born mother of four Gayle Cunningham is the perfect person to be blogging about kid-friendly past times. Regularly faced with the question, What should I do now, Mommy? Gayle answered with an innovative solution. Kid Friendly Jamaica explores fun, money-friendly activities that leave kids with no time to be bored. Get busy with fun craft activities like creating paper necklaces and princess skirts; and “National Chocolate Ice Cream Day” is the perfect trick to add a little sunshine to a rainy day.