The world of Montego Bay

The world of Montego Bay With a title like that it’s hard to misinterpret what you’ll get from the blog. Essentially the blogger gives details and features on Montego Bay people, places and things. But his entries are not exactly the Day by Bay tick tock he promises. Instead, it’s sometimes a pot shot at anything vaguely related to Montego Bay, clearly his favorite place in the world.

Blog entries include: Theme Day: Feet, Bag Juice & Corn, The largest Pool in Jamaica, Scotchie’s Montego Bay, Valerie’s Bar & Seafood and It’s that time again. You can also find topics as disparate as: Bruce Golding, Coco Bread, Culture, Rastafarian, Usain Bolt and Shell-ann Fraser.

Those visitors who value imagery will be particularly happy because most entries have at least one photo attached. If your blog reading time is limited this is the place for you. Most of his entries are short but sufficient.