Views on things Jamaica

The Letter from Jamaica blog is a refreshing perspective on many things about this fascinating country. The blog entries speak mostly about what is of current interest to Jamaicans.

So it was no surprise to see a recent post titled Saving Jamaicans from UFOs (Unregulated Financial Organizations such as Olint and Cash Plus). The blogger referenced a friend who actually invested in both pyramid schemes. How risky is that? The post gave some useful tips on these so-called investments such as: getting in early is good, getting in late is bad; and people who go in early and come out are always better off.

Simple and obvious advice that very few in this country seemed to have followed in the past three years. Those who hadn’t actually invested in pyramid schemes at least knew someone who did, or loaned money for someone to take their chance.

Browsing through the blog you’ll find other entries on a variety of subjects such as: Stuff white people like: Bob Marley, Barack Obama knows good Jamaican coffee, When police pull you over at night and Red Stripe beer: old or Bold?

It’s a good place to go for an opinionated view on things Jamaica