A trip down family lane

My Jamaican Family is a beautifully written and illustrated blog by Jamaican-Canadian Dorothy Kew. After many years of working in a large urban public library, Kew has turned her passion to genealogical research.

Her blog traces the history of her family in Jamaica and she shares fascinating accounts of growing up on the island. At the same time her research, which dates back to the 1800s, provides a notable account of Jamaica's social history. Her most valuable contribution to the blog world, however, is the amazing set of photos she has included of old Jamaica.

Nonetheless, Kew’s main interest lies in finding out more about her Jamaican family history and, through her entries, showing the methods used to find out more about her roots. If you’re interested in reading about real life detective work give Kew’s blog a read. It may spur you on to explore your own family tree.