She has much to say about art

She has much to say about art The ART: Jamaica is artist Oneika Russell’s space where she talks about contemporary art in and around Jamaica. Her blog entries are engaging and bring many visitors to her site. Posts include: The far reach of William Kentridge, People are still painting (Part 1), Remembering Kumina, The GO-SEE for ARTISTS and Sheena Rose's Town.

She also includes links to several artists’ websites, videos, a section on ideas, words and images and notices on various art events.

Oneika is fascinated with modern processes in art. In the blog entry ‘Defining Digital part 1’ Oneika looks at 2D and hand drawn animation and their use in blockbuster films such as The Princess and the Frog, Shrek and Polar Express.

There are many things here to capture your interest. The ART: Jamaica blog is a lively forum for anyone who has something useful to say about Jamaican art and Oneika asks everyone to free to join the conversation.