Patience Is A Virtue

This wife and mom of two young children holds nothing back in her blog, offering candid entries on sex as casually as ones on national elections.

She dispenses views on men, relationships, politics and pop culture, but don’t believe for a moment you’ve heard it before. She’s got a unique take on things she chooses for comment.

Her fun and breezy commentary on life is often juxtaposed with her struggles with ill health, loss, and the wisdom that comes simply from living. Frequently in and out of the hospital, this writer manages to cover the gambit; from her take on gender disparity to American Idol. One wonders how she finds the time to read or write.

The enthusiasm of this blog is infectious, and the lighthearted banter is a welcome diversion from the super serious challenges she faces. Patience is a Virtue brings together both the peppy and the poignant, and gives readers a new perspective on how to have a positive attitude toward life.