The Mommy Blog

When Shanoy Coombs wanted “to share all things mommy related with other moms” she decided to start a blog called Jamaican Mommies. Now visitors can share precious and poignant moments, comments and concerns on a variety of mommy topics. Of course, they can also connect with other moms.

Among her postings: Discussion #1 Weight Management, Bridging the Gap… Help Raise Funds for Local Autism foundation, The Real deal on what to do once baby arrives, When they speak…Listen and Home is where the heart is.

Shanoy also organizes events for the mommies, and the blog also offers links to parenting resources and sites, ‘free gifts’ and even a ‘coming soon’ section that tells you what to look out for in the blog.

If you’re a mom you may want to give this blog a read, and all those moms-to-be and dads-to-be should also enjoy Shanoy’s posts. Others can enjoy parenting vicariously.

‘Cheers to motherhood’