A Jamaican Bohemian Speaks!

If you can tolerate his strong opinions on Jamaican life and passages that lead nowhere – but always with wry humour – you’ll likely enjoy Owensoft.net. Owen promotes the site as: information, bueaty and nonsense.” Yes, that’s how he spells beauty and we’re not sure why.

Still, in his own words, Owen is: “male child, fireman, coder, bohemian, photographer, writer, 27 years young.” He is a software consultant, website designer and software, databases and custom computer solutions.

So it’s no surprise that Owen’s blogs range in topics as disparate as technology, food, movies and more stuff than we need to know about Claro and LIME. He offers the mundane, too, giving visitors up and downtown observations that come from what might be considered a curious mind. No subject is too trivial, from his headache to food courts to waiting for friends with whom he has bummed a ride.

Not married to words alone, Owen takes “in the moment” photos on all manners of subjects, unfortunately with only limited skill. We can only guess that it is a memory gallery for him.

Quirky and digitally neurotic, Owen is clearly the kind of blogger whose passions and prejudices could garner a following. Take a read!